We are simply the Best place for       golden retriever puppies in Western                   Montana and the US





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From day one your puppy is loved and handled by us creating a very socialized well mannered puppy.

We remove the dew claws, worm if necessary, treat for Coccidia, give first puppy shots.and place Microchip.

We do DNA checks on every puppy and you get your copy for your records.

During the weeks your puppy lives in our bedroom he/she is potty trained to a pad and dog door. 

The puppies enjoy supervised playtime in a heated outside area on our enclosed patio after they are eating solid food, and learn to "No Bite" "No Bark"", potty on a specific pad or artificial grass and play with all kinds of toys and stuffed animals. 

When it is time to go home we take care of your puppy's AKC and Microchip registration for you fully paid by us, so your puppy is safe rom loss before you walk out our door.

We set you up with your own dog food account so your puppy will continue with the best available food for his/her life. (The food is a home delivery so no going to a store hassell, ever ).

We provide you with a notebook just for your puppy. It contains all the parental information. Also including health records, meds given & Shot record.  DNA results, microchip information, AKC registration information, and some handy information on dogs.

We stuff a special carry bag just for you as well. It has toys, both stuffed and other, chew bones especially for puppies, potty pads to get you home safe, a small supply of food in a bowl and a bottle of water for the trip. It also contains a large stuffed hug toy and a large blanket (Both with mom and siblings scent) to help avoid separation problems when removed from the litter.

Depending on weather, we will try to acclimate the litter to rides in the car (or Truck since thats what I drive) in the back seat, both free to roam a tiny bit and in a soft side kennel. 

​We try to make your life as easy as possible, so all you need is a food & water bowl and bed and of course lots of LOVE.