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We are a loving family breeding beautiful golden retrievers in our home in Western Montana. ​ We are one of the best breeders of English Cream Golden Retrievers.We started our breeding program to supply healthy working dogs to; Service Animals For You, Inc , a 501 (c)3 Non Profit providing service animals to disabled individuals. We are the founders of the non profit and have been working with dogs for over 30 years training for many disabilities. We specialize in supporting children with Autism and provide companion and emotional support dogs to the children affected with this serious disorder. We are always looking for sponsors for the childrens dogs if you can help contact us.

Over the years the dogs we used were from breeders that gave them to our clients, then we trained the client and the dog together. This was a good program for a few years but in the last 2-3 years the dogs we spend hundred's of hours training only worked a short time with the client and had a serious health problem usually leading to a early death. This left both us and the clients devastated. 

These are the reasons we decided to breed our own dogs and only breed with the highest standards possible. We have always tried to use golden retrievers because of their loyalty, loving behavior, ability to learn, retrieval ability, size and calm temperament in public situations. 

We have had several golden retrievers in our household as well as in our service dog and pet dog training program and we love the breed. We will always have a golden as our family member . 

We started our search for the perfect dam and sire and spent over a year looking and talking to breeders. We settled on our dogs the english cream golden retriever because the breed is  health checked more than the typical back yard  bred goldens we have used in the past.

We looked for a very conscientious breeder to provide us with a DNA genetically tested dog free from the common problems like eyes, heart, hips, elbows, skin problems, and muscular dystrophy (md), & we found our dogs in Russia. 

We purchased our puppy Brunya and she shipped to us at 4 months old a beautiful healthy genetically clear girl. She walked out of her crate after her 20 hour flight well rested and happy. She is awesome. Our second girl, Balu (who we retired after her first litter whelped) came to us in whelp (pregnant) sired by Sky Jasper a Grand National Champion dog. All the dogs have impeccable pedigrees.

Our beautiful Balu gave birth to our first litter on 5-14-16 ,nine fantastic cream puppies (3 girls 6 boys) and before they were born 1 girl and 2 boys were to go into the service dog training program.  A breeder we work closely with here in Montana will get 2 girls for her program in exchange for a stud we will use for our girls in the future. We are currently helping LITTLE FLOWER GOLDENSHeidi Elkinton find a perfect male for stud. In the future we will  use another of her studs Henry who is a light gold in color. He has the beautiful build that we want for our dogs. We look for beautiful block heads, nice bone structure, great body build and size, very calm temperament (is a must) and health.

Our dogs live with us in our home in Beautiful Western Montana (we don't just use our states name we live here and love it). Our town, Missoula , MT, is home to the University of Montana and we are fortunate to live just off the campus in the tree lined neighborhood's.  We enjoy all 4 seasons but the dogs love summer at the lake and winter play in the snow, the best.

We will always put the dogs health, well being and happiness first. We are a hobby breeder and limit the number of litters we have. Our dogs when retiring from breeding will go to loving homes to live or stay with us as pets. 

We founded the puppy preschool program, where the puppies are trained on socialization starting at 2 weeks old. At five weeks we can put them into complete obedience training boot camp, if arranged by the new forever family. This program has an additional cost and can be found on our training page.

We will continue to work with other breeders, akc, veterinarians and our clients to provide the best possible golden retriever puppies and create the highest health standard for the breed. We do DNA testing on our parents and one step further we Test Every Puppy with Animal Genetics also.

​We always welcome your questions and feedback you can email us or phone us anytime or stop by if you are in our area. We love to talk about the dogs.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US.


Lou Hayes & William Yiengst

'Our Angels Have Furry Feet""

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