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Lets start with a little history of the breed and where it got its name. The English Cream, our breed of choice, not the Golden Retriever.

This beautiful white or really light colored Golden Retriever dog was bred in Scotland, not England like the name suggests. The Scottish people loved their dog and wanted to enter it in a show, but alas, there were no shows in Scotland so (you probably are guessing this right by now) they traveled to England and entered their beloved Cream Golden in the show. They won and the dog was referred to as the English (Show Winner) Cream Golden Retriever or as we now know it 

"English Cream Goldens". That is the simple truth of how the breed was named


What is a English Cream Golden Retriever and What You Should Know About Health

Take Care of Your Puppy and Feed it Right, from the start. Your rewards will be many years of companionship with one of our Angels.

​​​Now for some important information on health and .Golden Retrievers.  Here are some FAQ and Answers.

There are several genetic diseases that affect Goldens ( all dogs have some types they are prone to get). There is a combination test for health that breeders can do that tests for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), 1 & 2, MD (Muscular Dystrophy) & ICT (Ichthyosis which has also been called puppy dandruff but is a scaly skin condition that affects the dog for life). Additional tests are heart, hips and elbows (for dysplasia). This testing is sometimes expensive and overlooked by breeders. Do not be fooled always make sure your new puppy comes from a tested Dam and Sire. Ask for the results, ask to see the paperwork, this is very much a buyer beware thing. 

You want your puppy parents to be PRA 1,2 clear (carrier is not horrid but clear is better), ICT Clear (again carrier in pet dog is not horrid because they have no symptoms but affected is, never get an affected puppy), MD clear and hips and elbows in really good shape, not just barely passing. 

Now you are probably asking yourself why? Are all these tests necessary? And you may be saying, "Gee the mom and dad are pretty and look healthy!"  Well looks can be deceiving, and yes you do want the healthiest possible puppy for your family. The alternative might be very costly veterinary bills for the life of your dog.

The English Cream Goldens in Russia where our girls come from are very healthy, tested for everything possible, and screened by us before we import them for our breeding program. We work hard to have dogs that are clear of all diseases or at least as clear as possible. If we do have a carrier of anything, we would only breed that dog to a clear dog to assure that the puppies would be born clear (there are charts for how to breed carrier to clear to get rid of the alliment we follow then exactly to improve the breed).

Now you ask why should I pay more for a light coat on a golden retriever? Well re-read the information above. We test for everything possible and breed for the calmest temperament possible, and the preferred body build. In other words, we breed to the standard the Golden Retriever is supposed to be, not the tall skinny dog they have become because of poor breeding standards. OK now you say, "So don't all cream golden breeders do this?" Unfortunately and sadly that is not the case. Just like many other things you buy there is someone selling for Quality and costs more and someone selling for quantity "CHEAP". So now ask yourself which do you want in a dog that will be your loving family member for 13-18 years and live a healthy life or a unknown health risk.  WE ALSO GUARANTEE OUR DOGS FOR 4 YEARS, one of the best guarantees available.

 (see our contract for details click here) 

Now for some other health issues in puppies.

​Parvo ( We start here because this is serious) Canine Parvovirus (CPV) this is a highly infectious disease. Rather than rewrite the information click here to read all about it. This has been called puppy flu by some breeders. It is NOT THE FLU, and IT IS VERY SERIOUS. Only about 50% of the puppies affected will survive and the cost for the cure is extremely high. If someone tells you this is not serious RUN, don't walk from them, and look elsewhere for your new puppy.

​Giardia and Coccidia cause diarrhea in young puppies. These can pass from puppy to puppy and also can be  found in the environment. Both of these are easily treated with medicine your vet can and will prescribe. Puppy diarrhea is serious because they can dehydrate extremely fast.

Parasites are another common problem. Almost all breeders will de-worm their puppies, but you are the best person to determine if this is a problem in your puppy. 

All puppies should go to a vet for a check up as soon as you can after purchase. We ask  our clients to do this within 72hours to make sure their puppy remains healthy. We give the first set of puppy vaccinations before the puppies leave us and we give you complete health records of all their prior illness (if any) and treatment. You will need to schedule the 2nd and 3rd set of puppy vaccinations and the Rabies shot with your vet.

These are just a few of all the things a puppy can get. You can visit the web site PetMD above for more information and some simple home treatments you can do for the lesser problems. 

Always consult your Veterinarian if you are concerned about a health issue. 


Nutrition is very important to a growing puppy. We use and highly recommend LIFES ABUNDANCE ALL LIFE STAGES dry food. The dogs love it and they are very healthy and have amazing coats. A good food for sensitive dogs is the LIFES ABUNDANCE GRAIN FREE.  The dog food are manufactured by a business that puts the dogs health and Quality of food above the cheeper foods. They do not contain corn, corn meal or soy, which are fillers and have no value to a canine. Click Here to learn more about our food LIFES ABUNDANCE

English vs American Golden Retrievers