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                             PUPPY RESERVATION & CONTRACT 

A $500.00 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO BE PLACED ON THE WAITING LIST FOR A PUPPY. This does not guarantee a puppy since they are reserved on a first come first serve basis. If no puppy is ​available your deposit will be refunded.

The Balance is due no later than 2 weeks before you receive your puppy. 

We accept bank checks, money orders or cash only for all payments. (no credit cards or personal checks)

                                         LITTER INFORMATION

Puppy Circle one:   Male   Female              Birth Date: ______________________                                                             
 Sire ________________________________Dam: ____________________________________

Buyer Name___________________________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________________________

Phone_____________________________   Airport: ______________________________

This purebred Golden Retriever puppy is, at time of sale, a healthy, happy puppy of sound temperament.  She/he is the result of selective mating of parents with certified hip, elbow and eye clearances and is an excellent representative of the breed.  All puppies are sold with a complete health guarantee.  Your puppy is guaranteed to be in a good, clean state of health on departure from our kennel. Your puppy has had all age appropriate vaccinations. You need to have your Veterinarian examine your new puppy within 72 hours of departure from our kennel. 

All veterinary costs after departure from our kennel, no matter what the reason, and including the 72-hour period, are the responsibility of the buyer.


​1.   Free from PRA certified genetic testing for PRA 1 & 2 "clear by parents".
2.    Free of MD by genetic testing "clear by parents" (if applicable).
3.   The Sire & Dame are both tested and clear of dysplasia, Hip & Elbow.   

THE BREEDER DOES NOT WARRANTY THE FOLLOWING on any puppy sold:  any infectious diseases or conditions that do not affect the puppy’s life as a pet that can or cannot be controlled by medication.

In case of a catastrophic failure of the items guaranteed, you must return the puppy to the breeder at your expense in good clean condition and a puppy of the same sex selected by the breeder, will be furnished to the buyer from another litter, though not necessarily from the same bitch nor from the next litter due to arrive. Any transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The breeder reserves the right to refuse to place another puppy with the purchaser, if signs of abuse or neglect are present.  The breeder may request that the purchaser obtain further opinions in the case of x-rays, eye and/or heart examinations.  The cost of obtaining additional opinions will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  The breeder may request to have any reports or x-rays mailed or shipped to the breeder's veterinarian.  Under no circumstances will THE BREEDER be responsible for the cost of any veterinarian bills for any reason whatsoever, nor will THE BREEDER be responsible for the cost of surgery for any reason whatsoever.  

Buyers Promise;
1.    The buyer will take good care of the dog, providing quality nutrition, shelter and medical care, including vaccinations as set out by a veterinarian, to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the dog.
2.    The buyer agrees to provide daily exercise and to neither overwork nor underwork the dog, and will not allow the dog to run at large unsupervised.  The buyer further agrees to not tie the dog to any fixed object.
3.    The buyer undertakes to ensure the puppy receives obedience training, preferably through a recognized training school
4.    The buyer agrees the dog shall never be used for experimental or research purposes.
5.    The buyer agrees that dog shall be kept well groomed
6.    The buyer agrees to contact the breeder should the buyer need to part with                      this dog for whatever reason.                                 


Puppies sold on an Agreement of Sale of Pet Puppies shall be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age, BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE LATER THAN 9 MONTHS OF AGE. Puppies leaving our Kennel do so on a limited registration, Non-Breeding / Pet Dog Agreement and the purchaser is bound by the Non-Breeding clauses of this contract

In the event that this dog, which is sold as a pet, is used for breeding and where written permission of the Breeder is not given to breed the said dog, the breeder shall be entitled to and shall receive from the buyer, liquidated damages in the sum of $10,000.00 and this amount shall be binding upon the said buyer

It is understood and agreed to by the parties to this agreement that this agreement and the purchase and sale of the said dog shall fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of the State of Montana and shall be dealt with as per the laws governing this location.  It is further understood that any circumstances/situations/disputes, arising which are not covered within this Agreement shall be remedied at the discretion of the breeder and the breeder's decision shall be final and binding.

By signing this Agreement of Sale, the buyer acknowledges having read this Agreement in its entirety and agrees to all terms and conditions within this agreement for the purchase of a limited registration pet dog.

This agreement is signed this  _________ day of  _______________, 20___

Signature of Buyer_______________________________________________Date___________